First ever Herts and west Essex prevention summit held in Stevenage

Preventing the onset of ill health by supporting people to live well is one of the main themes of our area’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan. 

The challenge of achieving this important goal was explored at the first STP prevention summit, held in Stevenage on 7th February.

Health services and lifestyle choices have an important impact on our health, but other factors like housing, caring responsibilities, the environment and the activities we take part in have a big influence too.

Hosted by Hertfordshire Director of Public Health Jim McManus, the summit brought together over 100 representatives from local government, the fire and rescue service, the police, the NHS, the voluntary sector and housing associations from across Hertfordshire and west Essex.

Jim McManus said: “We gathered a great deal of extremely useful feedback from those taking part, which will be collated and shared.

“Our next steps are to plan how we mobilise the Hertfordshire and west Essex workforce and voluntary and community sector to fully understand the prevention agenda and help them identify what they can do within their organisations to make it a reality.” 

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