Charging for community-based adult social care services

Consultation closes 31 December 2017

Published: 03 Oct 2017

We have launched a consultation on proposed changes to the way we charge for some community-based care services

These services support adults living at home, and include things like home care, day care, and transport. Around 8,000 people across the county who use these services may be affected. We will be writing to all of them individually, to tell them what the changes might mean for them, and to get their views on our plans.

We have a responsibility to ensure that anyone who can afford to pay for a service or receives a benefit which is intended to support them to pay for a service has the appropriate charges applied. We believe that these changes will make the process fairer by protecting residents who most need financial assistance to access care at home.

The consultation will look to provide a fair charging process for recipients of benefits such as, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (Care Component) and Personal Independence Payment.

Colette Wyatt-Lowe, Executive Member for Adult Care and Health, said:

We are launching a public consultation on proposed changes to the way we charge for some of our community-based care services on 3 October which will run until 31 December 2017.”

“In light of financial pressures on the council, we are faced with some tough choices and want to protect the services we offer. We have a responsibility to ensure that we are helping those people who need our support the most, so we think the fairest way to do this is to ask those who can afford it to pay a little more for the services they receive. Every person eligible for a service will be financially assessed to establish their ability to pay, and no-one will be asked to pay more than they can afford.”

"We understand that changes can be unsettling, but would like to reassure service users, families and carers that any approach adopted will continue to provide local, high-quality services to all those people who need our support.”

"We will be sure to take on board the views of our service users during this consultation process and before making any decisions, so if you are sent a feedback form please fill it in and send it back to us; you will also be able to provide feedback to us online at”

Service users can also give their views by emailing, calling 01438 845477 or by writing to:

Adult Care Services,
Non-Residential (Community Based) Care Charging Consultation,
Farnham House,
Six Hills Way,
Stevenage, SG1 2FQ.

We will be holding some focus groups for people to discuss the proposed changes with us and give us their feedback in person. If you would like to reserve a place at one of the focus groups please call us on 01438 845477 or email




1 November 2017

18:00 to 19:30

Hemel Hempstead Library

7 November 2017

18:00 to 19:30

County Hall, Hertford

8 November 2017

18:00 to 19:30

Welwyn Garden City Library

The consultation will run from 3 October 2017 until 31 December 2017. A final decision will be made by Cabinet on 19 February 2018. 

The proposed changes can be viewed at