Nervous about exam results? Kooth can help!

With results day looming, stress levels may be rising for young people in Hertfordshire and local GPs are recommending that they log on for free online counselling and support.

“We know that exam results day can be extremely stressful as young people think the worst and worry about what the future holds,” said Stevenage GP Dr Prag Moodley, chair of East and North Hertfordshire CCG, and a Stevenage GP who leads on mental health services. “I’d urge parents to remind their children that there is no shame in seeking support during hard times, like when you’re waiting for, or have just received, exam results.”

There’s also free online emotional and mental health support on website which has been used by thousands of Hertfordshire young people aged 10-25.

Kooth’s experienced therapists are available from 12noon-10pm Monday-Friday and 6pm-10pm at the weekend, 365 days a year. Counsellors can help with lots of different problems, including exam-related stress, family problems, eating disorders, loneliness, bullying, anxiety and depression.

Dr Marie Anne Essam, Bushey GP said: “My message for young people, as you wait for and as you get your exam results, is to say a big well done for being you. Your exam results do not define who you are, or determine who you will become. You are bright, you are still learning, you have the world ahead of you. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for being you, and whether this set of results makes you happy or not, we’re cheering you on because you are the future. If you need some extra help now, or later down the track, talk to your friends and family or use for free, safe support online.”

If parents need help in talking to their teenagers, visit for more information and tips.