Feeling Good Week

Feeling Good Week is a Hertfordshire-wide event that encourages schools and the wider community to promote children and young people’s emotional wellbeing by raising awareness of mental health and showing where support can be accessed within the community.

From 11th – 17th February 2019, Hertfordshire County Council and partners want you to help make children and young people in Herts feel good by running your own special projects to boost their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Youth organisations, schools, and young people are invited to submit a bid and apply for up to £500 of funding, which has been put forward by Hertfordshire County Council, and the county’s two Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The bids will be reviewed by a group of young people, and they will judge which projects should receive funding.

It can be really easy for some people to get caught in a bubble of screen time and social media, so our panel would love to see ideas that promote alternative ways of interacting with one another and having fun offline.

Apply via the application form to show our panel what you can do with £500 to promote Feeling Good Week in Hertfordshire.

The deadline for applications is

Friday 7th December 2018.

Please email your entries to CAMHS.commissioning@hertfordshire.gov.uk