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When a 999 call doesn’t mean a trip to hospital

The early intervention vehicle team

A 999 call for an ambulance doesn’t always result in a trip to hospital for elderly people in east and north Hertfordshire.

The ‘early intervention vehicle’ scheme sends special vehicles staffed by a senior paramedic from the East of England Ambulance Service NHS trust and an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or social worker from Hertfordshire County Council to assess people who have fallen at home.  Assessments take at least an hour and 80% of people can stay at home with the extra help that is immediately arranged.

New scheme launched to tackle loneliness and ill-health

Would you or someone you know benefit from the help of a community navigator?

A successful scheme has been extended to help people who have spent time in hospital to feel more confident and supported in their local communities when they go home.  ‘Community navigators’ work with GPs, hospital staff and directly with the public to help people who would benefit from some extra support to get them settled back at home – the sort of help that those of us with local families and strong friendship groups might take for granted.


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Making our vision a reality 

The growing health and social care needs of our population can only be met using the funding available if the NHS and social care services work together with you to achieve this.

We have identified four key challenges:

1. Living well and preventing ill-health

2. Transforming primary and community services

3. Improving urgent and hospital services

4. Providing health and care more efficiently and effectively

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When I need to go hospital, I will see a specialist with the expertise, equipment and experience to treat my condition. I won’t have to stay in hospital for longer than I need to.