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Ambulance handover times at the Lister now best in the region

Ambulance handover times at the Lister now best in the region

The majority of ambulances arriving at the Lister’s emergency now have their patients handover and ambulances ready to return to duty within 30 minutes of arriving.  A new system, which was trialled in March 2017 and has been running since shows that the national turnaround standard is being achieved for over 80% of ambulances – which is the best performance in the East of England.  Previously the Lister service saw between 10 to 15% of ambulances meet the standard.

What on earth is a vanguard?

What on earth is a vanguard?

A 10-year-old girl from Essex, known as Healthwatch Harriet, met new care models programme director Louise Watson, chair of Tower Hamlets CCG Sir Sam Etherington, and Hertfordshire County Council’s director of health and community services Iain MacBeath and asks ‘What on earth is a vanguard?’


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The growing health and social care needs of our population can only be met using the funding available if the NHS and social care services work together with you to achieve this.

We have identified four key challenges:

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4. Providing health and care more efficiently and effectively

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