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Cameos of Care Homes: Revealing the resilience and expertise of care homes

Six ‘Vanguard’ areas across England have been developing approaches to enable care homes to better support the increasingly complex health needs of their residents, as part of the NHS New Care Models Programme. As these approaches are now mainstreamed and rolled out nationally, the Vanguard care homes can offer inspiration to others, and their staff have stories to tell about the support they received and the expertise they have developed.

Consultation on Hertfordshire learning disabilities strategy

Hertfordshire residents have the chance to share their views on our proposals to make things better for adults with learning disabilities in the county by taking part in our consultation. 

The public consultation is open until Friday 9 November 2018 and seeks to find out the views of people with a learning disability, those who support people with learning disabilities and other interested parties’ on our draft learning disabilities strategy. 

Have your say in developing maternity services in Hertfordshire and west Essex

Parents and maternity service health professionals are being invited to have their say about the way that maternity and neonatal services in Hertfordshire and west Essex are delivered.

Four interactive workshops are being held in Hertfordshire and west Essex in the coming months, using a specially developed board game to help participants to consider every-day maternity and neonatal services from different points of view.


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Making our vision a reality 

The growing health and social care needs of our population can only be met using the funding available if the NHS and social care services work together with you to achieve this.

We have identified four key challenges:

1. Living well and preventing ill-health

2. Transforming primary and community services

3. Improving urgent and hospital services

4. Providing health and care more efficiently and effectively

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When I need to go hospital, I will see a specialist with the expertise, equipment and experience to treat my condition. I won’t have to stay in hospital for longer than I need to.