A Healthier Future - Summary

Across England, NHS and social care organisations have been encouraged to work more closely together to deliver more effective, joined-up and affordable services.

In Hertfordshire and west Essex, councils, health and ambulance services, GPs, patient representative groups and the voluntary and community sector have been asked by the NHS to produce an improvement plan for the next five years. 

These improvement plans are called ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships’ (STPs). The STP for Hertfordshire and west Essex is called ‘A Healthier Future’. This document is a summary of that plan and has been produced to encourage as much public debate and involvement in the development of our STP as possible.

An easy read version of this document is availabe here.

The full submission sent to regulators in Ocotber 2016 is availbale here.

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Publish date: 
Monday, 12 December, 2016

An overview of sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs)

NHS England have produced a directory of the sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care systems across the country.

Publish date: 
Friday, 16 March, 2018

Many common illnesses are best treated at home - with the advice of a pharmacist

Download the leafletFollowing a public consultation across Hertfordshire, we will no longer routinely write prescriptions for medicines you can buy yourself.

You can buy treatments and get advice on minor illnesses and short-term conditions from your local pharmacist, who has the clinical expertise to help you to manage your symptoms.

This leaflet contains advice and information on how to treat a range of common illnesses, together with tips on medicine cabinet essentials to have at home.

If you wish to contact East and North Hertfordshire CCG about anything contained is this leaflet, please contact the Nursing and Quality team.

Publish date: 
Tuesday, 2 January, 2018

STP winter communications and engagement plan 2017/18

STP communications and engagement leads from the Hertfordshire and West Essex STP meet on a monthly basis to discuss workstream communications plans, agree areas of common focus and to coordinate the delivery of communications messages.

All the organisations across the STP have been working together to deliver a joint winter communications and engagement plan.  The plan and its associated actions can be downloaded below. 

Publish date: 
Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Hertfordshire Public Health Service Strategy 2017-21

This document has been written to cater for a variety of audiences. Public Health is keen that members of the public understand what we do and the good reasons for the investment of tax-payer’s funds in Hertfordshire. 

The electronic nature of this document also allows those with a deeper interest to delve into the many hyperlinks to easily access further information should it be required.

Whilst not mentioned in this document, Public Health leads on the corporate prevention programme for the whole council and will be part of producing a separate Prevention Strategy. Public Health understands the importance of partnership working and has designed our approach with the strategic plans of our partners in mind.

Publish date: 
Monday, 20 November, 2017


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